Our Features

We have built a first of its kind bitcoin exchange medium that enables every citizen to participate in the digital currency revolution.
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The whole trade process goes automated. Whenever a buyer or a seller places a trade, the respective trade is matched automatically bringing the best deal in the hand.

Benefit the taker

There are two types of deals on the platform; one who shall post the deal & the other who shall receive it. We pick the best price for both type of deals ensuring the profitability of the receiver.

24/7 Trading

The bitcoin market never sleeps and so does your portfolio. Trade your bitcoin anytime from anywhere.

Real Peers

Transparency is the nature of bitcoin and we make it absolutely possible with actual traders without keeping possibility of orderbook manipulation.

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Why Bitbuddy

Get first served, get well served

Bitbuddy is a P2P bitcoin trading platform where you can sell or buy bitcoins. The platform ensures strong security with full data encryption.

We are a bunch of passionate & hardcore traders. We know what you are looking for. With Bitbuddy you can buy, sell and perform bitcoin trading with tremendous consistency and trust. It doesn’t matter whether you are investing for the first time or you are a professional trader, Bitbuddy has got you covered.

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Our Solution

We strive to transform the community into an intact bitcoin ecosystem with extensive blockchain technology development facilitating bitcoin trading.

Strong security

Letting you rest easy as your bitcoin is safe with the most secure bitcoin wallet. We impart you full control - back up your funds and protect them from unauthorised access.

Buy & Sell

We facilitate peer-to-peer bitcoin trading across the globe. You can buy & sell bitcoin with the assurance of a secured wallet experience.

Send & Receive

Whether you’re sending bitcoin to a friend or transacting for business, efficient blockchain network allows you to send and receive bitcoin with the lowest fees.

Access Anywhere

Get access to the entire bitcoin market right from your pocket! Your bitcoin wallet is available anywhere you want - ready to be on the go, just like you are.

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Start A Chat Conversation

Start a chat conversation feature enables the buyers and sellers connect coherently. This will eliminate any sort of confusion during bitcoin trading. Communication is the best way through which buyers and sellers can discuss and clear their queries directly without involving any third party. Bitbuddy connects buyers and sellers of bitcoin directly fostering more transparency and security than ever.

We help the community to trade digital currency in a better way with best investment choices.

How it works

Bitbuddy is 100% P2P bitcoin trading platform through which you can buy or sell top digital currencies with immense ease and convenience. Peer-to-peer refers to direct trading between the buyer and the seller eliminating the involvement of any intermediary or third party. The bitbuddy application is very easy to use. You just need to follow few simple steps for creating your profile.

Secondly, the most amazing thing is the buyer and the seller can communicate with each other via chat feature making the trading more transparent and secure.

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Top App for bitcoin trading - Bitbuddy

Verified Users

Sign up and KYC verification

Mobile number verification

While heading towards the signing up and verification process, the procedure begins with mobile number verification. After entering the mobile number and the OTP you receive, your mobile number gets verified.

Email ID verification

While creating your profile, you are asked to fill in the complete email address, once you enter the OTP received on your email address, the same gets verified.

ID verification

Heading towards completing your profile, you will be asked to upload any of your valid ID( Passport, driving license or national ID). Once the details provided get verified by our admin panel, you are done with the KYC verification process.

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The way bitcoin & other digital currencies are evolved, in the same way, BDX( a digital coin) is created by Bitbuddy.

We are feeling generous! BDX coins to all first time members who sign up on bitbuddy. More amazingly, this reward of BDX coins shall be given on every single sign up. Your chance to Earn - For Free!

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